More on Liao Yiwu

A longer profile of Liao Yiwu’s escape from China and arrival in Germany is in today’s New York Times. “Mr. Liao said that since he reached Germany, he has been too overwhelmed and excited to eat or sleep much. Having arrived with no money, he is relying on the generosity of friends, his German publisher and, he hopes, royalties from his forthcoming books. ” All the more reason to support him now: with The Corpse Walker or his two upcoming books, God is Red and The Witness of the 4th of June (details TBC).


Uncivilisation 2011: The Dark Mountain Festival

Mountains seem to be a recurring theme in the past few weeks. Next month, from 19-21 August, the Dark Mountain Project will be holding its second annual festival, Uncivilisation 2011: The Dark Mountain Festival. The schedule looks incredible – talks, workshops, music, and readings from some of the finest thinkers and writers across the UK, Europe, and beyond – and in a beautiful setting, the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, not far outside of London. If you’re in the region, consider going – last year’s festival was memorable for a number of reasons, and such a combination of education, inspiration, and enlightenment is rarely found. Otherwise, consider picking up a copy of their journal, Dark Mountain Volume II – a surefire source of provocation and stimulation long after the platforms have been taken down.

A preview of one of the panels, on collapse, is available here.