Clean Kitchen: The Cookbook

I’m delighted to share the news of a new cookbook that has just arrived, a project of which I’ve been proud to be a part. Clean Kitchen: The Cookbook, authored by Jamie Page and Kellar McAlister, has just been published by Versus Press in Hattiesburg, MS, and will be having its launch party next Monday night, February 20, at SouthMouth Deli in Hattiesburg. As editor and project manager for the cookbook this past year, one of the most rewarding (and delicious!) projects of recent memory, I’ll be honored to say a few words about Jamie and Kellar’s beautiful book, and will look forward to sharing their success with everyone on the night.

The reading will feature a presentation, signing, Q&A, and yes, absolutely, a tasting. More information about the launch is available at the Versus Facebook page, but all you really need to know is: come hungry.

Celebrating Lucianne Carmichael

Today, A Studio in the Woods will be hosting a commemoration service and celebration of the life of Lucianne Carmichael (1931-2016), one of the founders of the Studio and a beloved artist, advocate, and educator in New Orleans. A lovely obituary ran in the Times-Picayune after her passing; today’s ceremony, which will begin at 3pm for any in the area who would like to attend, will feature public tributes and a reception in her memory. Come early to park.