Year of the Wolf

I am beyond thrilled to be joining the cast and crew of Signal Fire for their summer expedition into the Wallowas Mountains in northeastern Oregon. Joining a dozen other artists, musicians, writers, and explorers for a week in the backcountry in search of wolves, art, and wide open night skies (among other things), it is an incredible honor to join the team. Should we find those wolves, well, we promise to leave them exactly where we found them.

More Than You Know: An Interview with Melissa Malouf

The New Orleans Review has an interview with Melissa Malouf, author of the sly and elusive More Than You Know (Dalkey Archive Press). While she’s quick to recommend a certain Netflix series for summer entertainment, I couldn’t be quicker to suggest this superb new novel instead – it’s a jewel, and like the finest-cut gems, gleams ever so differently each time you look at it. Perfect for beaches, bars, or anywhere in between.

Moorman Symposium at USM

For those in the Hattiesburg area, or anywhere within spittin’ distance, this weekend (May 2-3) USM is hosting the Moorman Symposium on Poetry, with a special focus on the relationship between the poetry of the New York School and the South — a fascinating topic, and with a list of speakers including David Lehman, Angela Ball, David Kirby, Billy Collins, Denise Duhamel, and Barbara Hamby, there’s nowhere else in the Gulf South for poets or poetry lovers to be. The symposium is, remarkably, free and open to the public; more information is available at the USM website.

Signal Fire 2014

Now that the news is out, I’m incredibly honored to say that I’ll be joining the crew of Signal Fire for their summer expedition to the Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon. Signal Fire, based out of Portland, is a remarkable organization that specializes in taking artists of all disciplines into areas of remote wilderness and allowing them to pursue their practice both in and about these special settings. I’m honored to join such talented individuals, cast and crew alike. For those who are interested in other expeditions they offer, more information about Signal Fire is available on their website.