Crime Capsule

Starting in October 2021, I’m delighted to serve as the host for Crime Capsule, a new true-crime podcast series co-sponsored by Arcadia Publishing (who published my book on Hattiesburg) and Evergreen Podcasts. The podcast grew out of the original Crime Capsule website, where I served as managing editor for several years, and features weekly interviews with authors from Arcadia and the History Press.

Recently Crime Capsule was named as a Platinum Winner in the 2022 Muse Awards, which is incredibly humbling, and which only inspires our team to continue bringing the best of true crime authorship to our audiences. Our interview series with Joshua Suchon also won a 2022 Communicator Award of Excellence, from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, and recently we were nominated for a 2023 Ambie Award in the “Best True Crime Podcast” category.

From the show description:

The smoking gun. The bloody knife. The chase, the catch, the courthouse doors. On the Crime Capsule podcast, nothing fascinates us more than the stories of true crime in American history: the deeds and misdeeds that have shocked our citizens and, in some cases, shaped our nation. Traveling coast to coast, our mission is to dig up these stories from America’s past and to bring them to America’s present. To shine a light on the darkness that at times shadows our history. And hopefully, to let that light illuminate the concept of justice more brightly.

Join writer and host Benjamin Morris for exclusive, in-depth interviews with authors from Arcadia Publishing, the largest publisher of local nonfiction in the country. From DNA testing to the Dixie Mafia, our guests have intimate knowledge of the cases they’ve studied. They’re the historians who chronicled them. The reporters who broke them. And sometimes, the cops who cracked them.

Each week, Crime Capsule brings you the authors who have journeyed deep inside the shadows of American history. And we’d love for you to join the conversation.

Crime Capsule: history so interesting it’s criminal.

Crime Capsule is available on all major platforms, or at