Like London Buses: The Oxford American Summit

They’re said to come in threes, but I’m more than delighted with twos. I’ve just received word that I’ll be able to attend the upcoming Oxford American Summit for Ambitious Writers; I’m thrilled, and humbled, and grateful for the opportunity. I’ve loved the magazine for over a decade, and to spend a week in Arkansas learning from masters such as David Remnick, Heidi Julavits, Pico Iyer, and Scott Huler is a chance I’ve never even dreamed of having, and  I hope to make the absolute most of it. Call me a reprobate Southerner (or just a reprobate), but I’ve never been to Arkansas, and hope to take a few extra days to explore the area. I’ve heard there are caves. And creatures that live inside them, with teeth and wings. We don’t get many of those around here in New Orleans– caves, that is.