Uncivilisation 2011: The Dark Mountain Festival

Mountains seem to be a recurring theme in the past few weeks. Next month, from 19-21 August, the Dark Mountain Project will be holding its second annual festival, Uncivilisation 2011: The Dark Mountain Festival. The schedule looks incredible – talks, workshops, music, and readings from some of the finest thinkers and writers across the UK, Europe, and beyond – and in a beautiful setting, the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, not far outside of London. If you’re in the region, consider going – last year’s festival was memorable for a number of reasons, and such a combination of education, inspiration, and enlightenment is rarely found. Otherwise, consider picking up a copy of their journal, Dark Mountain Volume II – a surefire source of provocation and stimulation long after the platforms have been taken down.

A preview of one of the panels, on collapse, is available here.