Across the Pond

Some news from both sides of the pond — on this side, at long last, after months of preparation, the fair isle of Nowhereisland has finally made landfall today in Weymouth, with a welcoming ceremony and march taking place as I write this. Their Twitter stream has a good range of photos, well worth a look. Congratulations to all the staff, crew, and fellow Nowherians (earlier this year I had the honour of being a Resident Thinker), and best of luck and best of weather to them on their onward journey. If you’re anywhere in the South East or London area, do stop in at the Embassy — they’ll be glad to see you.

In other news, back at home, I’m delighted to note that, where until recently I served as a weekly columnist, has joined with three other New Orleans-area online news organizations to form the New Orleans Digital News Alliance. Combining the breadth and depth of shared reportage with the openness and transparency that digital journalism affords, this alliance is sure to be a force for the public good in years to come — especially as the landscapes of media, in New Orleans and elsewhere, continue to change at unprecedented rates. For now, more information about the Digital News Alliance is available on