Rene Brunet and Jack Stewart on historic theatres

For those in the New Orleans area, this Thursday, Jan 24th, Rene Brunet and Jack Stewart will be presenting their new book about the historic movie theatres of New Orleans, There’s One in Your Neighborhood, at Maple Street Book Shop. As the book description notes,

There’s One In Your Neighborhood is an encyclopedic, photo-filled coffee-table book chronicling the history of the city’s neighborhood theaters. Organized by neighborhood — with another section devoted to drive-ins — it includes histories and photographs of more than 100 local theaters collected over the years by Brunet, as well as contributions from local movie experts including Rose Kern, Michael Hurley and A.J. Roquevert. In the process, it offers a fascinatingly detailed snapshot of a bygone era.”

Among others, the book includes the historic Prytania Theatre, owned by Brunet, featured in Walker Percy’s classic The Moviegoer and still operating today. The reading starts at 6 at Maple Street’s Uptown branch, with a wine reception to follow. Details are here.