National Poetry Month in New Orleans

It’s that time of year again; for those in the New Orleans area, there’s a bounty of poetry-related events to celebrate National Poetry Month. First up are two events on the same day, the annual (and much-loved) Poets Reading Poets event at the Latter Branch of the NOPL on April 6th at 2pm, and far, far downriver, the Edible Book Fair at the Alvar Branch. Unfortunately they’re concurrent with time as well as place, but book lovers on either end of town have much to look forward to. Downtown folk, save the Uptown crowd some leftovers?

As ever, the 17 Poets reading series continues with a string of excellent performers (full list available here) every Thursday night, and I’m honored to be leading a poetry appreciation night at the Norman Mayer branch of the NOPL at the end of the month. Further bulletins as events warrant on that, but until then, hope to see you out and about during one of the loveliest months of the year — no matter what old Tom would have said.