Turn the Page Literacy Events

Today marks the kickoff of the Turn the Page literacy campaign, hosted by the New Orleans Public Library. They’re sponsoring 30 events in 30 days to promote literacy and reading among youth and adults alike. From the organizers:

Turn the Page is an important initiative with a bold goal – to make New Orleans the most literate city in America by its 300th birthday in 2018, which will be accomplished by raising awareness of issues, available resources and programming related to early childhood, school success, digital literacy and adult literacy. The campaign is an inclusive, collaborative literacy campaign spearheaded by the New Orleans Public Library and 10 regional parish libraries across southeast Louisiana. Turn the Page will include ’30 in 30,’ or 30 events in 30 days, targeted at moving the needle on literacy in Southeast Louisiana.

Wonderful work, and so needed– if you’re not able to stop into the library for any of the events, at the very least, pick up a book and read it!