ruth weiss in New Orleans

17 Poets has a special guest this week: ruth weiss, returning to the city for the first time in 61 years. The details, from the organizers:

Jazz Beat Poet — ruth weiss — is one of the last living significant poets of the Beat Generation. Born to a Jewish family during the rise of Nazism, she eventually made her way to the United States where she became friends with, and a contemporary of, the likes of Jack Kerouac and many other artists of the 1950s American counter-culture movement of San Francisco (specifically in North Beach). In the 1960s she began spelling her name in lowercase letters in a symbolic protest against “law and order” since in her birthplace of Germany all nouns are capitalized. She continues to perform live in North Beach and at many jazz and poetry festivals around the world. In this age of high-speed information exchange, she still uses her “Loyal Royal” metal typewriter, and lives deep in the Northern California forests of Mendocino County, USA.

With readings, music, a reception with complimentary food, and the regular open-mic, it’s going to be a fantastic night. Thursday, April 5th, at the Gold Mine Saloon, 701 Dauphine Street in the French Quarter. More information available here.