Nature Writing Retreat with Gregory Norminton

For those in the north of England, a good friend and colleague, Gregory Norminton, is hosting a five-day reading and writing retreat in the Peak District this coming May. Details are available on the Quaker community website, but here’s the description of the course:

7-12 May. Ecological reading and writing: How does contemporary literature engage with the natural world – and our troubled place in it? A five-day retreat combining reading, nature walks and (for creative writers) writing classes; with Quaker novelist Gregory Norminton.

Gregory has offered a few other details, saying

The retreat will consist of group readings and discussions, as well as classes and one-on-one tutorials for those who are interested in writing. There will also be nature walks in the community’s woodland (created from scratch since 1988) and in the hills around Ladybower reservoir. Those who want to can join the community in worship, although this is entirely optional. The retreat does, however, offer a rare opportunity to experience and contribute to community living. Evenings will be for relaxation and entertainment.

For more information, contact Gregory directly.